A New Way Forward: Online Community Services 1

At the beginning of October 2020, San Ignacio Parish invited parishioners to envision a new way to experience community and live our faith. In response, we are renewing the ways to communicate with the 930am community, to improve connections during this time of social distancing. Please look the options below for participation. Choose them all if you like!

Join us in making our faith come to life in new ways.

    Community Directory – San Ignacio Parish has several faith communities that coalesce around the Sunday masses. We are updating the 930am Mass Community Directory. This is separate from the San Ignacio Parish Registry. YesNo

    Community Emergency Check-in – Various events (Hurricane Maria, COVID) underscore the need to communicate with parish members concerning needs for emergency assistance, etc. YesNo

    Phone Circles – We are forming phone circles, to help small groups of parishioners keep in touch with each other. This will help build community during this time of social distancing. YesNo

    Community Bulletin – The Parish is moving to digital only weekly bulletins. These will provide announcements, community updates, and reflections on living our faith will be sent out periodically via an by email. YesNo

    Please answer the following questions so that we can include you in the lists that you indicated.


    emailphone calltext message


    One thought on “A New Way Forward: Online Community Services

    • Paul E. Cleary

      Suggestion: a question, apart from the directory, about whether the person is currently or would like to participate in any general or particular activity in the 9:30 community or the parish at large. That would be an open-ended question.
      Another possible open ended question could be whether they think our community can do more of something good, or could do something we are not doing. Also open-ended
      Below: is that a repeat of what was written above (name and email)?

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