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Remembering The Woodstock Jesuit Singers

There are few among us who haven’t heard of the Beatles, immortalized as a cultural icon of the ’60s. In fact, it’s hard to believe that a mere 50 years has passed since their debut on American television. But for those of us who grew up during that time, recent media attention marking the Beatles’ legendary appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in Feb. 1964 called to mind other fond memories. In my own case, watching The Ed Sullivan Show elbow-to-elbow with most of my 10 siblings completed our Sundays, which included Mass, family dinners of roast beef and potatoes, and the inevitable scramble to finish homework before the show began. The Ed Sullivan Show, with its extraordinary array of acts and knack for discovering new talent, was the cultural icon of that era. See Fr. Vega SJ, sing on the Ed Sullivan Show. Read More