Monthly Archives: February 2015

Activity Fair Sunday, March 1st at 10:30am

The 9:30 community at San Ignacio Parish embarked on a process to examine and revitalize its services and expressions of our Christian fellowship.  After a couple of brainstorming meetings and a survey we have come up with a list of activities, ministry plans, and service ideas that we would like share. This next Sunday is Activity Fair Sunday. Join us! After the 9:30 mass, we will have Coffee and Doughnuts in the patio at the entrance of the church. There you will find tables with information and contact people for a variety of activities. Be there and discover all the ideas other parishioners have to enrich our faith community. PREVIEW of  Activities and Ideas: Learn more about Taizé.  San Ignacio Parish is bringing back this ecumenical service every first Wednesdays of the month. The service combines music and meditation.The practice of Taizé began in France and has an active youth participation that Pope Francis sees as beacon of hope opening spaces for peace and understanding across the world. Next Taizé service is March 4th at 7pm in the church. Sacred Art Live and Upclose: Kathy Jones will the point person information on Sunday tours in the metro area to visit sacred art installations in the company of Vonn Hartung, the artist behind the work. The visit will include a short meditation, followed by a presentation of the process behind making sacred art.  After the site visit and presentation, the members are welcome to continue on to have lunch together. Prayer Blankets: Several members are interested in […]

Family Centered Faith Enrichment Programs

Families face many challenges and often find it difficult to balance school, work, sports, arts, service, family, and church– the list did not even include friends and eating nor house chores!  At San Ignacio Parish we may not be able to solve all your problems, but we do make life easier for families looking to bring up their children in an active community of faith. Our 9:30am Sunday English language liturgy offers families a : Childrens’ Liturgy – During mass, children process to the chapel and there participate in readings discussion and activities at their level. This service is ideal for children between ages 3-11. Children’s Liturgy offers parents the opportunity to enjoy the readings and the homily, knowing their children’s spiritual development is being tended too. After mass, the community often gathers for coffee and doughnuts and friendly conversation at the Parish terrace. It is a family friendly environment that helps us make coming to mass more than a weekly obligation among polite strangers, it is a celebration of the liturgy among friends. English language catechism (CCE) is offered at 11am (following coffee and doughnuts) for grades PreK to 11. As a part of the CCE curriculum we prepare children for First Communion and Confirmation. Children’s Mass – Every first Sunday of the month children are invited to participate in different ways in the mass. Some of the active roles children might be given include: processing to the front with some of the food donations (these donations are collected also on the first Sunday of the […]