Parish News

  • We thank all the members of our ministries, volunteers, members of the Undare board of directors, and in addition to the San Ignacio School and San Ignacio Academy who contributed to the celebration of the Aguinaldo Masses and their success.

Parish Announcements- December 25, 2022

  • Today’s second collection is Pro-Human Development. Thanks for your support.
  • Next Thursday, on Thanksgiving Day, there will be only one mass. It will be at 8:00 am.
  • The Parish office will be closed from November 24th until the 28th, 2022

Parish Announcements November 20, 2022

  •  Today we will have crafts for sale to raise funds for the mission, and missionaries of the Amazon.
  • The office will be closed on Friday, November 11, Let’s remember our veterans.
  • The Pastoral de la Salud will have a meeting

Parish Announcements November 6, 2022


  • Today’s second collection is to support our sister Marita Bosch and the Itinerant Team in the Amazon. Thanks for your generosity.
  • Join us every first Friday of the month and every first Saturday of the month for the Holy Mass

Parish Announcements – October 30, 2022

  • Today’s second collection is for DOMUND, (World Mission Sunday). We appreciate your generosity.
  • La Divina Misericordia, Jesús en ti confío” will be shown at Caribbean Cinemas starting on October 27, a film directed by Michal Kondrat.
  • Despertar

Parish Announcements – October 23, 2022