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Pilgrimage across the South Central Province

Join Fr. Provincial Thomas P. Greene, SJ, as he makes a pilgrimage across the Jesuits USA Central and Southern Province. This next Friday, January 28, 2022 at 8pm San Ignacio Parish will be hosting the Pilgrimage event in San Juan, …

Children’s Liturgy is Back for 2022

This past October we started celebrating Children’s Liturgy once a month on the same day as Coffee and Doughnuts. Both events are back with COVID-19 protocols to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all.

  • As happens during mass, children gather

Children Lead Our Advent Celebration

Every mass this Advent Season has had the children of our community leading the way with song. In every mass at San Ignacio, whether in English or in Spanish, children have delighted the community with their brief choreography of “the …