New Confirmation Program

Find out more about the new, dynamic Confirmation program starting at San Ignacio Parish. Requests to join in the next Confirmation class are being received until the 6th of September. Program is ideally suited for high school students beginning their junior year or young adults. Contact the Parish Office for more information.

Ministry Fair, Sunday, August 27

Come discover all the ways to serve and live your faith at San Ignacio Parish! This Sunday, August 27 from 9am to 2pm, at Academia San Ignacio, you can talk to fellow parishioners about their experiences in a variety of ministries and, hopefully sign up and join!

Este Domingo: Fiesta Patronal

Ven y comparte con toda la comunidad ignaciana en la Fiesta de San Ignacio de Loyola. Este domingo todas las misas en la parroquia estarán dedicadas a esta fiesta, pero la celebración principal se dará a las 5:30pm, seguido por un compartir en el Catorium de la Academia San Ignacio.

Celebrate the Feast Day of our Patron Saint

This next Sunday, San Ignacio Parish will dedicate all its masses to celebrating the feast day of San Ignacio, our patron saint.  Join us to celebrate mass in English at 9:30pm and then again at the parish community dinner gathering at the Academia San Ignacio Cafetorium at 7:00pm.

Pope Francis’s Visit to Cuba – EWTN

Included is the schedule of the Papal visit to USA and the remaining schedule for Cuba. EWTN can be seen in San Juan on: Liberty Cablevision ( San Juan area): Channel 102 EWTN Spanish and EWTN Channel 103 English Dish Network: Channel 261 English only DirecTV: Channel 350 English only Major events are also available on Teleoro website in both English and Spanish